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written by Gary Colombo

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Book Testimonials

"Folksy but not schmaltzy!"

"Saw the show, bought the book, read it cover to cover in one sitting. I am very much waiting to read his second book. His story warmed my heart." - M. Adams

"I love the photos and it was great to read about your adventures; your ups and downs. Your style of writing is easy and smooth; it is truely an "Everyman" book. Anxious to read the rest of the story" - A. Abby

Audience Testimonials

"Wonderful show, I loved and knew all of the songs. Fantastic evening." - B.G.

"I give it a 10. A perfect show. Can't imagine improving on a good thing." - S.S.

"Loved it! Loved all the songs!! And so many! Great job. I will be bringing any friends to see you." - D.S.

"Very entertaining! Loved the music selection. Colombo's voice is amazing!" - V.G.

"Very talented singer. Your voice got stronger and stronger. I have never heard anyone singing for three hours without a break. You were amazing! I stayed the whole three hours like everyone else did." - C.C.

"Gary I loved everyone of your songs. You are a wonderful person and a wonderful singer. I enjoyed you very much. Good luck to you." - K.L.

"I loved your singing. You have a great voice. It sure brought back a lot of memories." - S.P.

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