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He was misunderstood. But then again, aren't we all. A very funny yet brutally honest autobiographical account of 25 turbulent years in the life of a very talented entertainer. Stay with him as he recounts his roots in a small town near Rochester NY, life in New York City, the thrill of Broadway, and seeing the world as it comes crashing down time after time.


Gary Colombo takes us on a wild roller coaster ride called "life as it happened." Hop on board in 1956 and speed through 25 years of peaks, valleys, loops, and death defying plunges as each story takes you on a ride never to be forgotten. It is filled with the ups and downs of a life filled with looking for fame and fortune. Be prepared to laugh, cry, be shocked, and wonder about this Guy in The Red Socks.


A quadruple threat! Gary sings, dances, acts, and now add writing to his list of talents. He's a renaissance man for the 21st Century.


Colombo Quotes...


"Don't judge a person until you've walked in his socks."


"Everyone is unique, which really means misunderstood."


"Life is not a game of chances but of choices and some of those choices can have crappy endings."


"Life is a trade off."


written by Gary Colombo

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