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I train voices to sing. There is a big difference between learning a song and learning how to sing. If you learn how to sing, you can sing any song. The vocal mechanism is a series of muscles that can be developed by anyone to produce a great voice if you know how to develop those muscles. 


Whether it's pop, rock, opera, musical theater, jazz, blues, or any other style of music, it takes a well trained and developed voice, along with musical skill, to sing!




In order to show you what your voice can actually do, I offer a free half-hour lesson and evaluation. Once you see what this technique can do, then you can decide if it's for you.

Call me ASAP to schedule an appointment. Or fill in the request below and I will be in contact with you. There are only a few slots ever open so act quickly to be on the list.


I look forward to hearing you sing!

Prices: $45 per half hr $65 per hour. 

Studio: 4340 S Valley View Blvd Suite 206, Las Vegas NV 82103

Call or text 702-416-6772

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Read what students have to say!


Suhaila Rajab Mitchell

"This guy is truly amazing!!! Great talent and one of the most wonderful human beings I've been privileged to know."


Heather Steele Green

"I wish I were in the area for a refresher lesson! I can hardly find the words to give the recommendation I want to for Gary Colombo's studio. I was so fortunate to find him for a teacher!"


Erica Daniels

"He really is THAT GOOD! My son trained with Gary for years and he is not only an extremely talented performer himself, but also an amazing vocal coach!"


Chelsea Lynn

"Best teacher I've ever had."


AJ Perkins

"Opened me up from 1 octave and 3 notes as a Baritone to over 5 octaves in less than a year. Gary Colombo is the real deal!!!"


Heidi Jackson Lusk

"Gary Colombo really is amazing! A great performer and teacher!"


(all of the above quotes are printed with permission)

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